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Netflix (2)

Parent Category: ROOT Category: Notizie Published: Wednesday, 01 January 2020


To watch movies and TV series whenever you want, where you want.


Netflix has arrived in Italy. On October 22nd, the popular American streaming service landed on our peninsula, offering Italian users an alternative (and in many cases exclusive) channel for watching movies, TV series, documentaries and one-man shows.

Three subscription rates available, distinguished by streaming quality and number of simultaneous accesses. It starts with a "basic" offer of € 7.99 (standard quality content from a single device chosen from console, smart TV, tablet, PC, TV box and smartphone), continues with a "standard" proposal from 9.99 euros (in Full HD and on two devices of your choice) to reach a "premium" level of 11.99 euros (4K content accessible from four different devices).


It will work with smart-TVs, blu-ray players and games consoles
To access Netflix you will need - in addition to the subscription - a device that supports the transmission standards of the service. Today there are more than three hundred models of smart TV compatible, but alternatively it will be possible to use a normal game console (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii U), Blu-Ray players, dedicated TV boxes, Apple TV, Chromecast as well as various devices furniture such as smartphones and tablets.


It remains to be seen what the role of operators in service distribution will be. Vodafone and TIM will certainly be in the game, offering combined subscriptions (more contained data), hardware tools for connection to TV (TIMVision) and integrated pricing systems, but it is not clear if all this will also translate into particular discounted formulas. "We have already tested this option in France, with Orange, and in Germany and UK with Vodafone," Joris Evers, VP, Head of Emea Communications of the company, explained to, underlining the importance and value of the Network for the customer satisfaction: "In order to offer the best possible experience we need efficient connectivity and therefore the collaboration of service providers. The faster the Internet connection, the shorter the waiting time for watching movies and TV series".

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